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Best Swimming Pool Mosaic Ceramic

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Specification of Best Swimming Pool Mosaic Ceramic

Mosaic For Swimming Pools
A swimming pool with a lovely view would have been few people. And almost everyone wants the appearance of a luxurious pool with crystal clear water. To get it, you can apply a mosaic in your swimming pool. In fact, there are several advantages of a swimming pool mosaic that can make your pool look more beautiful and luxurious, with water that looks clear and sparkling.
With the many advantages of mosaic for swimming pools, this makes many people want to apply it to their swimming pool. However, before applying it, it is better if you already understand the answers to the following questions. Will the mosaic last longer if used in swimming pools compared to other materials such as ceramics? What are the advantages of mosaic for swimming pools? And where to buy mosaics? And to answer these questions, here we present a description of the 7 advantages of mosaics for swimming pools.
The Advantages Of Mosaic For Swimming Pools
High Hardness Level
The advantage of the mosaic for the first swimming pool is the nature of the mosaic which is resistant to all kinds of weather changes. The process of making a mosaic is heated at a temperature of 2400 degrees Celsius for 18 hours. The long burning process at high temperatures makes the mosaic hardness high. That is why mosaics are relatively more resistant to weather changes than other materials such as ceramics. That way, of course the mosaic will be more durable and long lasting.
Water Resistant and Anti Scratch
Second, the advantages of mosaic for swimming pools are water and scratch resistance properties. With a high level of hardness, of course the water absorption rate of the mosaic will be very low, which is only 0.006-0.3%. For that, even though submerged in water for a long time, the mosaic will not be damaged easily. In addition, a process that uses a brush with hard bristles will not cause the mosaic to be damaged or scratched quickly.

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