Mosaic Kolam Renang - Jual Keramik Mosaik dan Kontraktor Kolam Renang

swimming pool ceramic mosaic in surabaya

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09 Nov 2022
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Specification of swimming pool ceramic mosaic in surabaya

Finishing using mosaics has begun to be widely used, especially for private pools. Mosaics have smaller sizes than ceramics. The size of the mosaics ranging from 2 cm to 7.5 cm per piece.
A mosaic consists of several pieces made together with other pieces. Mosaic pieces are put together using a net at the bottom. In addition to uniting a few pieces of the net, the net also functions as an adhesion enhancer to the cement media as well as to make it easier to apply.
Finishing using a mosaic
Mosaic installation work
Advantages :
In terms of design, it is more luxurious and elegant, because the ceramic material is coated with a fairly thick scratch resistant. This scratch-resistant coating can also cause more beautiful because it has a better light reflection than finishing ceramics.
Mosaic chips are not easily broken, the process of making mosaics is quite complicated and uses good material. Mosaic material is almost like porcelain which is known to have better resistance than ordinary ceramics.
Not easy to dull, anti-scratch that is thick enough to protect the pattern of mosaic in a long period of time from the attack of swimming pool corrosion.
Deficiency :
Mosaic is quite expensive compared to finishing using other meterial. because the material process is quite complex and the distribution is not evenly distributed in each region.
Installation of mozik costs more because mosaic pieces make more gaps compared to large ceramics.
The installation is counted longer than ceramics because it requires more accuracy, because the mosaic is a sheet in the form of a combination of mosaic pieces.
Mosaic finishing results
Mosaic finishing results
Conclusion, finishing using a mosaic requires more costs than using ceramic finishing, but is comparable to the final result and quality provided. For those of you who prioritize beauty, modern and easy maintenance

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