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Swimming pool equipment and equipment, consisting of several categories that can be used in accordance with the needs and functions of the pool. According to the type can be divided into:
    Circulation Pump: a circulation pump is a device that functions as a medium for water transfer (sending and sucking) to and from a swimming pool, either through a counterweight or a polymer tank. Circulation pumps are categorized into several types such as:
        Centrifugal pump
        End suction pump
    Filter / Filter: as the name suggests, this tool has a task to do the filtering or filtration of water that will enter the pool. Dirt - dirt in the water will be filtered through this tool, so that the water that returns to the pool is clean water. In general, filters are divided into several types based on the medium:
        Sand filter: filter media in the form of silica sand with a certain aggregate size according to needs, volume, image / shape of a swimming pool, and dimensions of a swimming pool.
        Cartridge filter: the media used in this type of filter is a special gauze or sponge with a size and density that is adjusted to the needs and functions.
    Balancing Tank: This tool / equipment acts as a control of the volume of water in a swimming pool in an overflow pipe system. Water discharge will be regulated through this tank so that the height or volume of water in the swimming pool can be maintained according to its dimensions.
    Skimer Box: a special suction device that functions as a regulator of water circulation in swimming pools. The placement is adjusted to the height of the pool water level so that it can suck the water along with the dirt through this tool. Whereas the discharge of water is maintained through filling directly into the pond.
    Feeder box: this equipment serves as equipment for swimming pool water treatment using drugs / chemicals through inlet installations. According to the type of material used, the feeder box can be divided into:
        Chemical dosing pump
        Automatic chlorine feeder
    Inlet: An inlet is where water enters or returns to a swimming pool.
    Maindrain: basically, this tool is used to dump or drain pool water. But on some systems, this tool can also function as an inlet for a more sophisticated pool pump system such as fountains and so on.

Swimming pool equipment can be obtained also at Professional Swimming Pool Services. Is a supporting division that serves to facilitate the procurement of swimming pool equipment. So that swimming pool maintenance can be done with the maximum and the cheapest possible. With competitive prices, various swimming pool equipment can be ordered through Professional Swimming Pool Services.
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