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Services Description swimming pool construction services

The structure and construction of a swimming pool is one of the mandatory and considered before building a swimming pool, no matter how many pool buildings renanng all there must be rules governing pembesian or reinforcement of the pool, be it pool sloof, pool columns, pembesian walls and others and not to mention see the condition of the land that has a sloping contour that requires stros peil and pile cap to strengthen the structure and construction of the swimming pool later. Besides that, the application method, mixture and waterproofing process must be correct, otherwise this is one of the factors causing the swimming pool to leak.This paper is only my personal record as a swimming pool contractor, pool design and service. I am always writing this because in the field I often encounter swimming pool structures that are insignificant and do not fit into the structure of swimming pool construction in general and the result is that there are no buildings that have cracked and leaked for 2 years.In recent years from 2016 to 2018 the development of swimming pool construction has been so rapid that there have arisen hundreds of websites or pool contracting companies that do not know whether it is legal or not. And logically we calculated from the leaked customers and compared to our prices, it almost does not make sense, my question is how to optimize the price of making a cheap swimming pool? if not reduce the speak material used?

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