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3 ADVANTAGES OF HAVING OWN SWIMMING POOL AT HOMEDid you know, it turns out that having your own swimming pool at home is very profitable? in addition to beautifying the house, a swimming pool can also make the heart more calm and happy. Here are 3 advantages of having your own swimming pool at home:    Health and RelaxationThe advantage of having your own swimming pool in the first house is for health and a place of relaxation. By having a private pool at home, you can get relaxation while sitting quietly near the water. The water from the swimming pool gives coolness to your home environment so as to provide a comfortable cool.In addition you can swim every day so that the muscles work better. It provides health effects on the body that is always developing. With swimming you can have thousands of benefits for the body as well as a fairly enjoyable sport.    Save ExpendituresThe advantage of having your own pool at a second home is that you who usually have to pay to go to the pool now don't need it anymore. Because you already have your own pool that you can use anytime. Especially if you have many children who love to swim. You can save your wallet from wasting money out when renting a swimming pool. Even children can be content to play whenever they want, of course, remain under adult supervision.

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