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Best Recommended Swimming Pool Contractor We provide swimming pool manufacturing services from minimalist sizes to international standard Olympic swimming pools. With the experience we have and with our team, we always try to provide the best quality and service for you. To improve our services in the field Bogor pool contractor services , we always innovate in design, work ethic and quality of work. Best Recommended Swimming Pool Contractor In addition to swimming pool manufacturing services, we also serve all scopes of swimming pool work. Here are our service divisions: Construction of swimming pools: private pools, villas, hotels, commercial, complex facilities, schools, campuses and public swimming pools. Whirlpool and Jacuzzi. The pool renovation is leaking. Repair or repair the pool Replace pool tiles. Also read: Swimming pool maintenance service prices Prices make swimming pools simple and exclusive Service pool pumps of various brands. Swimming pool filter service of various brands. Pool maintenance services Swimming Pool Cost The cost of making a swimming pool is very relative, adjusting the materials and the level of difficulty of the work in the field. Basically, there are 4 types of swimming pool finishing materials that are often applied in swimming pools, namely ceramics, mosaics, natural stones and liners. Machine brand also affects the budget for making swimming pools, the more expensive the price of the equipment the better the quality. Swimming pool equipment that is very familiar or often used are Hayward, Astral, Pentair, Starite, Emaux, Waterco and Boost products. Now there are many new products that are cheaper. But many find it difficult to find spare parts, on average these products do not provide spare parts. The products that we mentioned above are the best references for you. Although the price is a little more expensive but for long-term maintenance it is easier

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