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Here are some common equipment used for swimming pools:

Filter: Filters are used to clean swimming pool water from dirt, dust and other particles. There are several types of filters in common use, including sand filters, paper filters, and cartridge filters.

Pump: Swimming pool pumps are used to circulate water through the filter, helping to keep the pool water circulating and clean.

Skimmer: A skimmer is a tool used to collect dirt, leaves, and other debris that may be floating on the surface of a swimming pool's water.

Vacuum Cleaners: Vacuum cleaners, either manual or automatic, are used to clean the bottom and walls of swimming pools of dirt and other sedimentation.

Aluminum Tubing and Cables: These are used to provide a strong frame for pool covers, especially during the winter or when they are not in use for long periods of time.

Heater: Pool heaters are used to keep the water temperature comfortable for swimming, especially during the winter or in areas with cold climates.

Pool Cover: Pool covers are used to protect the pool from dirt, leaves and other debris when not in use, also help maintain water temperature and reduce water evaporation.

Safety Equipment: Includes pool ladders, safety fences, and alarm systems designed to prevent accidents and keep pool users safe.

Chlorine Filtration or Water Purification System: Used to maintain the chlorine level and chemical balance of pool water to keep the water clean and healthy.

Swimming Pool Management Software: There are a variety of applications and software available to assist in swimming pool management, including applications that monitor water quality and provide alerts if there are problems.

It is important to choose and maintain swimming pool equipment properly to ensure the pool remains clean, safe and comfortable to use. Always follow the use and care instructions provided by the manufacturer for best results.

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