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The structure and construction of a swimming pool are very important to consider before building a swimming pool. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when it comes to swimming pool structure and construction:

Reinforcement or Reinforcement: Every part of the swimming pool, such as sloof, columns, walls and floors, requires appropriate reinforcement or reinforcement. This aims to provide strength and stability to the swimming pool structure.
Adjustment to Land Contour: If the land has a sloping or uneven contour, adjustments need to be made using a stros peil and pile cap. This aims to ensure that the swimming pool structure is built on a strong and stable foundation.
Waterproofing: The application, mixture and work of waterproofing must be done correctly. This is very important to prevent water leaks from the swimming pool. Using quality waterproofing materials and the right application process will help ensure that the swimming pool does not leak.
Expert Consultation: It is best to involve a swimming pool construction expert in the planning and building process. They can provide appropriate advice and recommendations regarding swimming pool structure and construction that suits the needs and conditions of the location.
By paying attention to the things above and carrying out the construction process carefully, you can ensure that the structure and construction of your swimming pool is strong, stable and durable.

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