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Building a private swimming pool can indeed be a fun investment for the family. There are several things to consider when building a swimming pool, including cost and desired model.

Swimming Pool Model:
Rectangular: A commonly used and relatively more affordable model.
Round: Gives a unique aesthetic impression but can cost more because it is more complicated to make.
Swimming Pool Location:
Backyard: A common place chosen because it is more accessible and provides privacy.
Beside the House or Inside the House: Gives an exclusive and luxurious impression, but requires careful design and additional costs for structural adjustments.
Manufacturing Materials:
Mosaic Type Ceramics: Provides a beautiful and varied look, but can be more expensive.
Standard Materials: More affordable but may be less visually appealing.
Complete Cost of Building a Swimming Pool:
Construction Costs: Includes excavation work, construction of the structure, and installation of the filtration system. These costs vary depending on the size and location of the pool.
Material Costs: Includes building materials, ceramic or other covering materials, water filtration systems, and other equipment such as stairs, lights, and heating systems (if needed).
Design and Permit Fees: If you use the services of a designer or require building permits, these also need to be factored into the budget.
So, before starting a private swimming pool building project, it is important to create a detailed budget and consider all the above factors.

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