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Building a private swimming pool can be a big investment, but with good planning, you can build a swimming pool within your budget. The following is a complete cost estimate for building a swimming pool:

Building material:
For the basic construction of a swimming pool, you need concrete and iron.
These costs will vary depending on the desired size of the swimming pool and the condition of the land where the pool will be built.
Pool Surface Finishing:
There are several options for pool surface finishes, such as mosaic-type ceramics or other standard materials.
Mosaic type ceramics tend to be more expensive than standard materials, but provide a more luxurious look.
Filter and Pump System:
Filter and pump systems are very important to maintain swimming pool water quality.
The cost of this system will vary depending on the brand and capacity.
Additional Equipment:
Includes ladders, pool lights and other accessories.
These costs will also vary depending on the type and quality of equipment selected.
Design and Construction:
If you use professional services to design and build a swimming pool, the costs will be part of the total cost.
Labor costs:
These costs will depend on your location and local labor rates.
Additional cost:
This includes permit fees, excavation, and disposal of waste materials.
Routine Care:
After the pool is completed, you also need to consider routine maintenance costs such as water filling, chemicals and filter maintenance.
Taking into account all the factors above, the cost of building a swimming pool can vary from several tens of millions to hundreds of millions of rupiah, depending on the size, design and materials you choose. Make sure to plan your budget carefully and consult a professional to get a more accurate estimate according to your needs and preferences.

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