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Minimalist home swimming pool Swimming pool is one of the complementary modern minimalist home design needs at this time. Swimming pool also functions as a functional arena for play and sports for residents of the house, the swimming pool can also function as a temperature decrease or help lower temperatures in your minimalist home environment. The area for a swimming pool in a minimalist home design actually does not have to be large, but adjusted to the landscape or the rest of the land of a minimalist home design. to make a minimalist home swimming pool the architect must calculate the ratio of the remaining area of ​​the landscape and meet the main functions first such as a connecting road and access before making a swimming pool design. Minimalist house swimming pools are usually marked with a precise shape and finishing that is more mono color or not as similar as finishing in a swimming pool with a concept of contemporary or etnic house. The design of a minimalist home swimming pool also does not use much supporting ornaments as in contemporary home swimming pools. once again the priority here is only the angle of precision and firmness in the design line.

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